Riccardo Baruzzi at Sponda gallery (Bologna, Italy)

Riccardo Baruzzi: Zugzwang
Fabio Tiboni / Sponda
23 September 2011 – 12 November 2011

Riccardo Baruzzi
Fabio Tiboni / Sponda is pleased to announce the first solo gallery show of the young Italian painter Riccardo Baruzzi.

Titled Zugzwang, the exhibition is a genuine play on painting: through the process of an obligatory route the gallery becomes a physical space similar to a chess-board. The artist, the curator and the gallery director are all invited to give life to their own version of the installation of the works within the exhibition space; these interventions, which will occur throughout the exhibition at regular intervals, consist in changing the positions or even substituting works initially chosen by the artist.