Herlinde Koelbl at OSRAM Building (Munich)

Seven Screens
Herlinde Koelbl : Captivated by the look in your eye
OSRAM Building
9 November 2011 until 15 May 2012

Herlinde Koelblstrong
The tenth video installation for the SEVEN SCREENS, which is to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the scheme’s inception, is devoted to people: the acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Herlinde Koelbl focuses on the meaning of our sense of sight. Everything begins with a look at the world, and a look at yourself: recognition, perception, sights and insights, communication. We see everything through our eyes, and in turn, everything is visible in our eyes. The title of her installation “Captivated by the look in your eye” was inspired by Solomon’s Song of Songs.

The Seven Screens are located in front of the OSRAM Building on the Mittlerer Ring highway in Munich. Hellabrunner Strasse 1, 81543 Munich, Germany
Installation duration: 9 November 2011 until 15 May 2012