Achromatism at Moscow Museum of Modern Art

State Museum of Modern Art of the Russian Academy of Arts
September 25 – October 22, 2011

«Achromatism» project explores connections between form, perception and influence of visual art. The exhibition presents works by different artists who have a common idea of laconic visual structure and self-restriction in choosing materials and methods. The project includes different techniques — painting, graphic, video, objects and installations.

The development of digital technologies, chemistry and physics of materials, the appearance of new media have lead to a rapid expansion of the ways of visual representation with almost unlimited levels of digitalization, zooming and brightness. Everything luminous, three-dimensional, over-realistic, limitless, interactive or simply huge concentrates attention on the surface of the artwork; enthusiastic and surprising moments, as well as other psychical reactions blend in a kind of glimmering that the brain percepts mechanically, losing connection with its artistic essence. As a result, the brain throws away all the movements and colors and pays attention only to the laconic visual expression of the information that seems most important for the mind.

The tendency to reflect on the process of information adaptation brings a whole series of experiments recently realized by artists with different creative experiences. Generally, they refuse loads of emotional stimuli, such as color, and tend to achromatism as a special way of analysis and impact.