Venice Under the Influence – an Exhibit to Benefit A Window Between Worlds

VENICE, Calif., March 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — This exhibit brings together artists who have been involved in, or influenced by, the Venice beach art scene from the 1950s through today. James Evans and Daniel Samakov of James’ Beach are thrilled to host this fundraising event to benefit A Window Between Worlds (AWBW), a Venice-based nonprofit arts organization.


Artists’ Reception: Sunday, March 9, 2-5pm

Peter Alexander                                    

Joe Fay                                                       

Gwynn Murrill

Don Bachardy                                          

Shepard Fairey                                       

Claudia Parducci

Larry Bell                                                   

Jim Ganzer                                                

Astrid Preston

Bill Al Bengston                                      

Alejandro Gehry                                    

Ken Price

Kelly Berg                                                 

Joe Goode                                                

Mel Ramos

Tony Berlant                                            

Robert Graham                                       

Zandra Rhodes

Mattia Biagi                                              

Kristina Hagman                                     

Ed Ruscha

J. Cheryl Bookout                                  

George Herms                                         

Daniel Samakow

James-Paul Brown                                

Charles Christopher Hill                     

Peter Shelton

Kelly Brumfield-Woods                      

Eric Ernest Johnson                               

Annie Terrazzo

Greg Colson                                             

E.F Kitchen                                               

Ann Thornycroft

Woods Davy                                             

Marie Lalanne                                         

Sharon Weiner

Laddie John Dill                                      

Dan McCleary                                          

Suzan Woodruff

Gregory Wiley Edwards                      

Andy Moses

Ned Evans                                                 

Ed Moses


Historic Photographs by Joan Agajanian Quinn