Meeting the Museum. Dialogues in the present with contemporary art

From March 15 to May 11, the Civic Museum of Sansepolcro and the Institution of the Museum Library and the Historical Archives presents “Meeting the Museum. Dialogues in the present with contemporary art” curated by Ilaria Margutti.

Reached its fourth edition, the appointment of meetings with artists is accompanied by an exhibition which opens on Saturday, March 15th at 17:00. The Museum will house some of the artworks of the artists invited, to experience a direct dialogue and comparison between the languages of contemporary art and the classic ones of the past.

Giorgio Tentolini (Parma), Marco Baldicchi (Città di Castello), Boîte, editorial project by Federica Boràgina and Giulia Brivio (Milan), Marcello Carrà (Ferrara). These are the four protagonists of this edition, the four contemporaries who until May 11th will have the unique opportunity to dialogue with masterpieces by Piero della Francesca, Pontormo, Della Robbia, Santi di Tito, Raffaellino del Colle.

A challenge. To enable a fruitful circularity of thought between those who make art and those who benefit from it and to give life to a relationship, which allows of experiencing contemporary languages. An opportunity. To translate in a critical way the cultural forms of the past, through the present crisis, searching for a possible future.

A project, which besides the desire to strengthen the identity of one of the most important museums in Italy and internationally aims to strengthen art value in a historical moment in which our country, Europe and all the world is arguing on the role that the cultural heritage should play in contemporary society and in the future one.

Visitors will be guided in the itinerary of contemporary art exhibited at the Museum and from March 22 to April 12 will have the opportunity to meet the artists who will provide their training, their experiences, their work to enable a dialogue and a comparison with the public on issues related to the artistic research.

In addition, as for the past edition, it is proposed the educational project of thematic analysis and reading of the image conceived for schools, with guided tours and workshops within the halls of the museum, in order to enable young students to reflect on methods, motivations and contents of contemporary art. The course will take place in the morning according to a schedule drawn up for the classes involved, but it’s possible follow the free guided tours of the exhibition in the days of Thursday, April 3 and Saturday, May 10th from 17.30 to 18.30.

“Meeting at the Museum” is embedded into the project “Sansepolcro City of the Contemporary”, supported by the Tuscany Region and by the Municipality of Sansepolcro, along with KILOWATT FESTIVAL. On the occasion of the XII edition, scheduled for next July, KILOWATT FESTIVAL launches for the first time Kilowart, a competition addressed to Italian artists between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, for the realization of a project curated by Saverio Verini.