‘Tribe Photo’ Unearthing Great Photographers in Remote Territories

LONDON, November 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Beneath photography studios in Central London on Thursday 6th November, a unique and innovative Kick Starter Campaign – Tribe Photo was launched. The project aims to give villagers in remote communities the opportunity to rent cameras, learn photography and sell their best work, whilst giving the rest of the world access to very unique images and an insight into their lives.

James Kell, Australian photographer and sailor who is currently residing in the UK, is the founder of the idea and the energy in driving it forward.

“Recently, during a charity shoot in Haiti, I had an opportunity to put my subjects on the other side of the lens – to give them the chance to experience the pleasure of photographing people.  I found the perspectives of the locals (when they were making the photographs) were completely, strikingly unique,” says Kell. “This was the kernel of the idea that is now Tribe Photo.”

The photographs that were taken by the villagers that day were different from what Kell believed he or any other foreign photographer could ever achieve. He saw an opportunity that could help the villagers, and provide an increasingly image-hungry western world with a fresh perspective, free from the stock-like sameness permeating the internet.

“If the project takes off, it will provide opportunities for many people to build their skills and foster their creativity and in doing so unearth great photographers and amazing images,” says Kell. “By working this way, the photographers themselves are bringing wealth to their local communities without handouts.  This is hugely important.  The result – Art that improves communities in such a tangible, independent way.”

With only 14 days left to raise the funds in order to make this amazing opportunity happen, the race is on to build as much awareness as possible and garner the support needed to fund Tribe Photo’s first pilot project, which will be back at the Haitian village where the idea was born. Once the concept has been successfully bedded there, it will be rolled out to other locations.


Photography arouses a lot of excitement. These kids are in Port Moresby.
Photography arouses a lot of excitement. These kids are in Port Moresby. Tribe Photo