WhaleShark curates Photography

Legendary digital collector WhaleShark has agreed to curate a group of creators for an online and in-person exhibition of photography to be shown in the MakersPlace booth at the 2023 installment of NFT Paris. WhaleShark is an influential collector in the NFT market who has long been bullish on the future of photography within the larger digital market. MakersPlace is thrilled to partner with him on this exciting exhibit.

Some of the artists involved in the exhibition detailed ways in which WhaleShark has influenced their careers. MakersPlace wanted to share some of these comments with our community:

“WhaleShark’s influence liberates artists to explore the work they care about most deeply. His trust, support and encouragement move us to expand ideas and bring these to life through the creative process.” -Joshua K Jackson

“Most successful business entrepreneurs are well known for their analytical capabilities and isolation from emotionally driven decisions, which are usually seen as dangerous and risky. And then there is a much rarer and precious kind of entrepreneur, driven by passion and inhabited by what I call a “gentle soul,” who fully embody the true spirit of visionaries. WhaleShark is one of those people, someone who respects and acknowledges the spiritual impermanent flow of life, while always looking at new insights and opportunities as coming from a place of innocence and wonder, spreading inspiring and uplifting vibes to those who are chosen to become part of his honorable path. Honored to have your support in my artistic path, gentle soul…” -José Ramos

“I think that the value that Whale Shark found in my photographs was an opportunity for my work to be seen by various audiences. This gave me the opportunity to interact with all the collectors who purchased my photo NFTs, including WhaleShark. I also believe that the fact that WhaleShark purchased many of my works was a moment of recognition of the activities that I have continued to believe in. I sincerely hope to keep more and more creative works in the future. Thank you so much.”** -Junya Watanabe**

“WhaleShark jump started my career in NFTs and changed my life! He has the best taste when it comes to photography. I am forever grateful.” -Michael Yamashita

“A day I’ll remember my whole life. After having been active for months within the NFT space, I dropped my genesis piece in November 2021, with one of my most iconic shots, taken in Iceland. Less than 24 hours later, what a surprise it was to see that no other than WhaleShark himself had bid on my piece. The honor was even bigger when I realized that I was the very first photographer WS had collected from. That sale led to other ones, but more importantly, to a friendship I’ll cherish forever.” -Johan Lolos