Sune Jonsson

Sune Jonsson
And Time Becomes a Wondrous Thing
Malmö Konsthall 14 February – 10 May 2009

Sune Jonsson


Photographer and author Sune Jonsson (1930 – 2009) was professionally active for more than half a century. With his camera he has explored, depicted and documented life – especially in the villages of northern Sweden. In his works we encounter agricultural practices that nowadays have been made more efficient, expanded or totally disappeared; rural shops that have been closed down – realities that feel very familiar but also very distant. Above all, we encounter the people whom Sune Jonsson visited and captured with his camera lens.

Time is a recurrent theme in Jonsson’s images. The passage of time continues unabated; it waits for no one. Time breaks down and deconstructs but it also creates new people, new societies, new images.

1993 Sune Jonsson was awarded the prestigious Hasselblad Award. The exhibition is a joint venture with Västerbotten Museum, which also is the custodian of Sune Jonsson’s photographs. The exhibition title comes from Jonsson’s book Timotejvägen (1961).

Malmö Konsthall