Steve McCurry at Venice

Steve McCurry: Portraits and landscapes
5 june – 7 august 2010

Steve McCurry
“Back in 1978, when I first left for India – really left with thet young man’s door-slamming sense of forever – I’d already been all over the world. But this time was different. This time I had slung over my shoulder the camera that I was determined would somhow pay for a serious case of wanderlust – wanderlust as ancient traders had it, hauling the teas, dyes and spices thet still stain the roads and permeate the air of the most colourful aprt of the world. Years later, color still takes me South-by-southeast to Asia-color and life and light. It is this umbroken continuity with the past and ancient beliefs thet still takes me back to Asia, and a quality unique to this part of the world. As I reflect back on it, I see it was the vibrant color of Asia that taught me to see and write in light. Go down that alley. Follow that child. Find the brightness of life in the dusty, never-painted drab of Calcutta. Wait for the light at its deepest, most intense moment like a farmer’s rain. It is amazing how, in the camera’s third eye, asia’s dust spins such golden abundance and clarities with such undersea depths.”