Marco Bernacchia – Francesca Gentili

Marco Bernacchia and Francesca Gentili exhibition
Galleria Marconi from 22th february to 22th march opening time: Mon-Sat 4 to 8 p.m.

Francesca Gentili


The exhibition represents the second step of a cycle of three expositions dedicated to the Marche art with the title “ Marche Centre of the Art”. The aim of this cycle is to show the lively art productions that are in the region, a region where plurality and singularity have always met, starting from the name itself. Each artist has his own peculiarity that makes his interesting research as a kind of voice which, together with the others coming from the same territory, realizes a rich and lively mosaic.

”Photography, sculpture and environmental installations as they were means to check the interaction areas among space, natural architecture and reality, which are often created in a performative dimension: it’s this way that Marco Bernacchia art develops, mixed to the sound research of the independent scene, which goes through his musical activity. His installations are nearly affecting objects, they are compositions made of natural and artificial elements, creating a various mix : as it was a post-nature contaminated by the sound mingling with the natural element till taking it up. Marco Bernacchia always works in a site-specific way and each of his projects takes the plastic language: it’s micro but with an environmental characteristic, it’s a module but at the same time never repeatable.
The use of sound as a strategy to make spaces becomes a process of appropriating time, space, reality: nature is absorbed as a primary habitat, while expanding our listening area. The natural parts, open spaces, plants, branches mixed with objects having different functions, change the sense of things: so the post-nature created by the artist becomes an object presence, a real or imagery field of action. It can start a changing process of the social structure into a new form of self-production like the mainstream art systems or the musical area”. (Elvira Vannini)

“Francesca Gentili research developed into two complementary directions: The study of the human figure and painting, that’s the language she has chosen to represent it. The refinement of her style means goes together with the progressive shape reduction. In her works the creation is concentrated on the glances. The front position of the painted subjects makes them solemn and dignified. The human figure dominates on the space. The atmosphere is aseptic and backgrounds anonymous. The glance is what just remains . The animal simplicity of the glance. It’s a mix of nature and feeling, made amplified by the vibrant and resonant painting treatment with pearly tones.
They are well balanced /contrasted works of story and project, of iconographic austerity and emotional intensification. Absorbed faces nearly evanescent; effigies growing dim with time. Sorrowful warning, a taking note of an unavoidable deadline”. (Maurizio Coccia)

Galleria Marconi