Luca Tombolini: Tranquility and Now | A Solo Exhibition – Profit From 6 Works Will Be Donated

VANCOUVER, Canada — Love It Art is pleased to present Tranquility and Now, a solo exhibition by Milan-based photographer, Luca Tombolini. The exhibition is a survey of Tombolini’s large-format photography works of the past three years depicting the beauty and sublime power of nature. Tranquility and Now features one work from his Creek island Landscape Study III series (2013), and works from his desert Journey series (2014) and his Pag Island Memoria series (2015).

Love It Art Luca Tombolini Lsvii
Luca Tombolini: LS VII #10 (PRNewsFoto)

Tranquility is the common thread across all his series. Each series represents a different reflection on time and space, and draws parallels between human existence and the perception of reality. In his desert series, he reflected on his fascination with deserts, seeing them as charming, pristine and mysterious. While spending time alone in deserts, he explored them as the lands most likely to provide clues about the origins of life. In his Pag Island series, he captured this island radiating with serenity, while finding this state inconceivable, considering what happened there in 1941, during WWII, when it was the site of the Slana concentration camp.

To honour what happened on Pag Island, both Love It Art and Tombolini will donate all profit from sales of the Pag Island series to organizations supporting victims of the Slana concentration camp and their families. Now a peaceful place, tranquility is what is depicted vividly in the Pag Island large-format images. All three series by Tombolini reflect the best of nature when it is calm, tranquil and peaceful.