Jared Oppenheim and Alannah Farrell @GHOST

“After All…Do You Remember,” the first exhibition at GHOST of collaborative work by artist duo Jared Oppenheim and Alannah Farrell, will be on view from April 7 to April 18, 2018.

Five large oil paintings mounted in solid steel frames, six smaller oil paintings and several sensory installation pieces will create an immersive three-room experience in the gallery.

“After All…Do You Remember” is first and foremost a love letter, a fleeting moment, a memory lost or forgotten. It is a series that takes on many fronts and facets and asks the viewer to question what memory and its imperfections mean to them. By using their personal experiences the artist duo invites the viewer on their own journey. Through the multi-room installations, it is apparent that the two artist’s take on visceral exploration is paramount to their own experience, as well as how they present their work.

One of the obstacles of being a creative duo is separatism and the inability to let go of artifice and ego. In order for Oppenheim and Farrell to obtain a new and refreshing stylistic approach, both artists set aside their differences and focus on their respective strengths. Oppenheim and Farrell’s paintings seamlessly integrate their vastly different techniques to produce one cohesive and formed work. Developing this cohesiveness is a process in itself that has taken several years to refine. The result is a brilliantly fluid dialogue between the two artists.