Helen Altman at AMSET (Beaumont, USA)

Helen Altman: Tree Line
April 16 – July 10, 2011

As a contemporary Texas artist, Altman recalls childhood memories as a significant influence throughout her artwork. Common themes found within her work are separation, loneliness, individuality and loss of identity illustrated through her usage of commonplace objects and materials in unusual ways. The 42 pieces of artwork featured in Tree Line include Altman’s highly-praised torch drawings, tree paintings, packing blankets, snow globes and goldfish bowls. These and other works featured in Tree Line center primarily on mimicry and replication.

The exhibition’s title evolved from the current tree painting series installed in a long line that forms a tree line. Altman describes her paintings as similar to tree lines in that they are well defined from a distance, but fall apart and blur the closer one gets to the surface. Her attraction specifically to tree works is evident not only in her current tree line works but originally derived as a result of one of her childhood interests.

“Tree paintings have a good bit to do with my love of pictures in books and pictures that tell you what kind of tree it is,” said Altman.

Helen Altman: Tree Line is organized by AMSET and is funded in part by the C. Homer and Edith Fuller Chambers Charitable Foundation, Helen Caldwell Locke and Curtis Blakey Locke Charitable Foundation, City of Beaumont, and the Texas Commission on the Arts.