APAD: Tradition, Innovation & Continuity

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)
APAD: Tradition, Innovation & Continuity
13 December 2008 to 5 April 2009

Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (APAD) are proud to present APAD: Tradition, Innovation & Continuity, an exhibition that showcases works by members of APAD; ranging from established artists such as S Mohdir, A Ghani Hamid, Iskandar Jalil, Sarkasi Said and Tumadi Patri, to young promising artists such as Rofizano Zaino, Harman Hussin, Amin Yasin, Sazali Rahmat and Rudy Djoharnaen. The exhibition reflects the group’s diversity in art practices which straddle both the old and new over its 46-year reign in the arts scene.

The exhibition opening will be officiated by Guest of Honour, Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, Speaker of Parliament, on Friday, 12 December 2008, 7:00 pm, at Singapore Art Museum Glass Hall.

Since its inauguration in 1962, APAD has grown into a thriving community of 71 artist members. The exhibition Tradition, Innovation and Continuity traces the art association’s history and reveals the artistic evolution of its members. The association’s collection of archival materials, including old newspaper clippings and exhibition catalogues, will also be featured at the exhibition in conjunction with its 46-year anniversary.

Director, Singapore Art Museum, Mr Kwok Kian Chow makes poignant observations on the collaboration between Singapore Art Museum and APAD, “Tradition, Innovation and Continuity not only plays an important role in bringing together the many generations of APAD members and supporters; it also serves to raise awareness of the association’s work. In its long history, APAD has contributed greatly to the promotion and development of the art scene in Singapore. The association has organised many significant activities in the past, such as the Pingat Apad art award scheme,

started in 1974 and awarded locally to artists who have significantly contributed to the development of the visual art field in Singapore. Previous recipients of this award include some of Singapore’s best known artists – Liu Kang, Cheong Soo Pieng, and Georgette Chen.”
Adds Mr Kwok on the significance of such a collaboration between SAM and APAD, “The show is jointly curated by members of APAD – Mr Rahman Rais, Mr Salleh Japar, and Mr Ahmad Abu Bakar and Singapore Art Museum’s own curator, Ms Ong Zhen Min. Such a collaboration facilitates the exchange of artistic and curatorial perspectives, which can only deepen the continuous dialogue between artists – led associations and state-run art institutions. For the Singapore Art Museum, and indeed, the National Heritage Board, such joint efforts are strongly welcomed and valued, as exchanges with our very own home grown talents and producers of Singapore artistic discourse add texture to our identity and further strengthen our heritage and history. “

APAD: Tradition, Innovation & Continuity opens to public on 13 December and ends on 5 April 2009.

Monday to Sunday : 10am to 7pm, with extended hours and
FREE Admission on Friday from 6pm to 9pm

Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

List of artists in APAD: Tradition, Innovation & Continuity

1. Hj Abdul Ghani Hamid
2. Abdul Rahman Rais
3. Abu Jalal Sarimon
4. Ahmad Abu Bakar
5. Aman Bin Ahmad (Pak Man) (D)
6. Amin Yasin
7. Ashrudin Mohd Sani
8. Dino Hafian bin Ahmad
9. Erzan Adam
10. Hamidah Jalil
11. Harman Hussin
12. Hj Mohamed Abdul Kadir
13. Hj Sulaiman Hj Suhaimi (D)
14. Hj Wandly Yazid (D)
15. Ibrahim Muda (Ismail Muda) (D)
16. Idris Mohamed Ali
17. Irda Haeryati
18. Iskandar Jalil
19. Jaafar Latiff (D)
20. Jailani Kuning
21. Khairul Anuar Salleh
22. M. Fadzel Abdul Karim
23. M. Sawoot A Rahman (D)
24. Mahat bin Chadang (C. Mahat) (D)
25. Maya Nurdin
26. Maznah bte Ahmad
27. Mohamed Elfie Samsidi
28. Md Suhirman Sulaiman
29. Mohammad Din Mohammad (D)
30. Mohd Harezam Abdul Rahman
31. Md Kamal Dollah
32. Noor Ezan Khatib
33. M Razali Mahat
34. Rofizano Zaino
35. Rohayah Abdul Majid
36. Rosman Mohd Shahid
37. Rudy Djorhanaen bin Md Hussain
38. Sadali Musbah
39. Hj Said bin Mohd Ali
40. Saiman Ismail
41. Salleh Japar
42. Sarkasi Said
43. Sazali Rahmat
44. Suhaimi Sukiyar
45. Sujak Rahman
46. Surina Mohamed Sani
47. Suyatdi Yadoni
48. Tumadi Patri
49. Ye Ruoshi@Ruoshidah Yip Abdullah
50. Yusoff Abdul Latiff
51. Zainol Arifin

(D) – Deceased