By observing the works in the series Silenzioso, by Japanese artist Sumio Inoue, a fascinating inner world full of emotion, is revealed.
His photographs are images made up of light and shadow: the photograph is impressed with a dense and penetrating black tone onto uneven paper – handmade by the artist following ancient traditions – which in turn evaporates in undefined rarefaction on that irregular, wrinkled, creamy-yellow support.
The works surprise for their superlative quality.
To observe Inoue’s works is to follow a photographic-pictorial journey to the sources of Light.
His images are realistic, yet his photographs always offer inner impressions that reach the heart of the emotions.
His works are a voyage into a dimension outside of any logical time-space plane, where everything seems to be suspended in nothingness, sustained only by an invisible thread that is made up of the dream and from silence.