American artist, David Harry is versatile, dynamic and totally involved in the passion of art itself.
He describes his paintings not as Action Painting in the manner of Pollock, but as Anti-Action Painting, which defines the method of painting, not for the fast jets and dynamic sprays of paint on the canvas that then merge irregularly, but more as slow and warm drips that stratify, one layer on top of another to create a profound and deep effect, glazed and nuanced.
In these curtains of colour, where depth is orchestrated in the foreground and middle grounds, in these textures of broad brushstrokes that weave infinite orchestrations, it can be seen — for those who look beyond — petals made of silk, iridescent fabrics, birds in flight and spring garlands.
All of this in a perennial search for equilibrium and musical harmony, as in a majestic andante, which broadens the horizons of David Harry’s artistic metaphor so that we the viewer, find ourselves totally enraptured by his works that have become universal through colour.

David Harry catalogue