Manon de Boer at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

Manon de Boer: Between Perception and Sensation
Saint Louis Art Museum
January 21 – May 1, 2011

The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis presents the first major exhibition in the U.S. of the work of acclaimed Dutch, Brussels-based artist Manon de Boer.
Manon de Boer (b. 1966, Kodaikanal, India) has crafted a unique and influential cinematic language that for over a decade has been defined by narratives of time, memory, and the relationship between sound and image. Central to her work is a keen focus on the temporal dimensions of portraiture, as she depicts friends, writers, dancers, composers, and musicians on film to capture the nature of memory and the passage of time. Alongside a documentarian strain that threads through her work, De Boer has also reconceived the structures of sound and musical composition to explore how they transform cinematic perception.