Expo 2015: The Italian Pavilion and The Tree of Life by the Artistic Director Marco Balich

MILAN, May 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Expo Milan 2015 is challenging the world to answer to its main theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life”.

Marco Balich, Artistic Director of the Italian Pavilion and author of the Tree of Life, welcomes you to discover creative contribution to this global appointment: the exhibit of Palazzo Italia and the amazing permanent show of the Tree of Life (Albero della Vita).

The Italian Pavilion concept is “Vivaio Italia”: a nursery, an incubator for stories, ideas, and projects that will shape a better future. Italy has answered to the global challenge of Expo 2015 with an exhibition orchestrated around three macro areas: the Strength of Workmanship, which highlights the engagements of men and women that define our territory; the Strength of Beauty, which enables the visitor to admire the resources of Italy; The Strength of Limits that defines our Future.

Each project exposed within Palazzo Italia is a seed that we cherish and help to germinate into a solid Tree, embodied by the iconic Tree of Life.

Albero della Vita” is the symbol of the Italian Pavilion inspired by one of the most meaningful masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance: the flooring of Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, designed by Michelangelo. This very special stage machinery, 35 meter-long twine of wood and steel, comes to life every hour and catch the attention of visitors with music, choreographed water and light features, projections and fireworks. The project of the Tree of Life was developed by Balich Worldwide Shows, in collaboration with Studio GiòForma studio for the design, and the structure was built by the Consortium “Orgoglio Brescia”, and with the sponsorships of Coldiretti and Pirelli.

Come to enjoy an exclusive tour of the Italian Pavilion and an unique perspective on the Three of Life show with Marco Balich!

Marco Balich is referred to as the designer of emotions, in 2006 he won an Emmy Award for the Olympic Ceremonies of Turin. Marco draws on twenty years of experience in large-scale shows around the globe. He his now in charge of the executive production of Rio 2016 Olympic Ceremonies.