Jennifer Blakeley: Let Them Be – Photographic Series and Video Going Viral

NIAGARA FALLS, ON, Jan. 8, 2015 /CNW/ – Celebrity Photographer Jennifer Blakeley released a highly anticipated photography collection this week titled “Let Them Be” artistically depicting young children laughing, being silly, and exhibiting genuine emotion.  The collection comes as a response to Blakeley’s frustration in observing society, through the use of social media pressuring parents to push their children to be better, do more, act older and just grow up too quickly.

“Sometimes, we just need to let kids be kids.  Let them be silly, let them be funny, just let them be” says Blakeley, mother of two from Niagara Falls, Ontario.  “It seems that every time I open my computer, I am overwhelmed with parenting articles, how to raise your child to be a sports star / a genius / run faster, do better, be smarter – it is all I am seeing and as a parent of two young children it is maddening.”

The artistic photographic series is paired with a moving “behind the scenes” video () that is currently going viral around the web.  Blakeley says her email is flooded with responses from parents who share her frustration with the pressures that social media has put on them to raise perfect children.

Let Them Be, Jennifer Blakeley

The series can be viewed in its entirety at: