VOLTA Basel Highlights: Maus Contemporary Presents Irene Grau’s ‘The Carrier’ Project

VOLTA Basel Welcomes Maus Contemporary and Presents Spanish Artist Irene Grau’s “The Carrier”

Basel, Switzerland – June 7, 2023 – VOLTA Basel, the esteemed art fair known for its dedication to showcasing creativity and issue-driven artwork, is thrilled to announce the return of Maus Contemporary as a valued collaborator for VOLTA Basel 2023. Maus Contemporary embodies the spirit of supporting experimental contemporary art with a global perspective, placing artists in dialogue with the context of our times. The fair will take place from Monday, June 12 to Sunday, June 18 at the new venue, Klybeck 610.

Maus Contemporary’s participation in VOLTA Basel underscores their commitment to curating thought-provoking exhibitions that resonate with audiences worldwide. This year, they proudly present a special project titled “The Carrier” by renowned Spanish artist Irene Grau.

Inspired by the Swiss Alps and paying homage to iconic 18th and 19th-century Swiss painters like Caspar Wolf, Alexandre Calame, Johann Ludwi Aberli, François Diday, Arnold Böcklin, and Ferdinand Hodler, “The Carrier” encapsulates Grau’s minimalist approach. Created in Switzerland, the project utilizes the original works of these masters as the base canvases for Grau’s transformative paintings.

Irene Grau is renowned for her exploration of spatial awareness and the intersection of painting, landscape, and human presence. Her meticulous research informs her practice, which often involves performative processes and a profound connection with nature. In the studio, Grau experiments with various textures, mediums, and materials to create captivating artworks. The result is an exhibition that challenges viewers to conceptualize the artist’s inquiries and concerns through both architectural structures and concrete information.

The Carrier” project, developed during the summer months of 2018, recreates the walks undertaken by historical artists across the Swiss landscape. Grau carries her paintings like bags, each canvas meticulously crafted to match the measurements and chromatic range of the original artwork it is based upon. The artist begins her journey with “en plein air” painting, allowing the landscape to interact with the artwork as it dries during the walk. This process creates a symbolic bond between the painting and the stunning surroundings, captured through meticulous photography documenting the entire journey.

Visitors to VOLTA Basel will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Irene Grau’s “The Carrier” project at Maus Contemporary’s stand (B08) during the fair. The captivating “bag paintings” and accompanying photography offer a unique insight into the artist’s practice and align perfectly with VOLTA’s mission to present the art of the present.

About VOLTA Basel: VOLTA Basel is a renowned art fair that showcases contemporary artists and galleries from around the world. With a focus on experimental and issue-driven artwork, VOLTA Basel provides a platform for emerging and established artists to engage with a global audience.

About Maus Contemporary: Maus Contemporary is a respected art gallery known for its support of creativity and experimental contemporary art. They are committed to bringing a global perspective to current issues in the visual arts, placing contemporary artists in dialogue with the context of our times.

About Irene Grau: Irene Grau is a Spanish artist celebrated for her exploration of spatial awareness, painting, and landscape. Her work combines rigorous research, experimental techniques, and a profound connection to nature, resulting in thought

Irene Grau - THE CARRIER
Irene Grau – THE CARRIER
Irene Grau - THE CARRIER - MELCHSEE after Caspar Wolf
Irene Grau – THE CARRIER – MELCHSEE after Caspar Wolf
Irene Grau - THE CARRIER - LAKE LUCERNE after Alexandre Calame
Irene Grau – THE CARRIER – LAKE LUCERNE after Alexandre Calame