Tokujin Yoshioka at Glasstress 2011 (Venice)

Glasstress is a cultural exhibition in the context of the Venice Biennnale, in which sculptures and installations of glassworks created by internationally recognized contemporary artists and designers are exhbited.
Tokujkn Yoshioka
The theme of this year’s exhibition is the complex relationship that ties art, design and architecture together in an age thought to have moved beyond modernism.

Comparing the opinions of various curators, Glasstress addresses this issue through glass sculptures specially made by contemporary artists and designers, such as Zaha Hadid, Jan Fabre, Huan Zhang and many others.

At the exhibition, Tokujkn Yoshioka will present the table of the massive optical glass block “Waterfall” and a model of “KOU-AN-Transparent Japanese Tea House.”