Lee Bul, Tokyo

Lee Bul: From me, belongs to you only
Mori Art Museum
4 February – 27 May, 2012

Lee Bul
Since the 1990s, Lee Bul has built an international career as one of the leading contemporary artists from Asia. Her oeuvre is dominated by sculptures that demonstrate a mastery of materials and techniques, including her celebrated Cyborgs and Anagrams series, hybrid machine-and-organic forms referencing critical theory as well as dystopian cinematic worlds; karaoke “pods” that evoke space capsules for eternal sleep; and glittering, spectral gures and cityscapes that seem to be falling into ruin. For over twenty years, it could be said that Lee, whose practice has spanned her home country’s transition from military dictatorship to democracy, has been on a quest for an elusive something . the ultimate physical form perhaps, or the ideal society. While showcasing her major works in the four sections “Ephemeral Presence,” “Beyond Human,” “Utopia and Dreamscape” and “From Me, Belongs to You Only,” in the “Studio” section this exhibition will present the drawings and models that also form the font of her ideas. The subtitle “From Me, Belongs to You Only” is also a message from Lee: her attempt to find the “something” for which she is constantly searching in a personal relationship with each individual viewer. Come and experience that message for yourself in the spaces at “Lee Bul: From Me, Belongs to You Only.”