Ileana Sonnabend at Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Venice, Italy)

Ileana Sonnabend. An italian portrait
Peggy Guggenheim Collection
May 29 – October 2, 2011

Ileana Sonnabend (Bucharest 1914 – New York, 2007) was a formidable gallerist and collector of contemporary art. She was the first wife of Leo Castelli.

This exhibition looks at the Italian component of the Sonnabend collection, not just Italian painting and sculpture but the work of international artists whose art takes into account the traditions and landscape of Italy. Ileana Sonnabend’s love of Italy is the thread that ties the works in this exhibition, a love which was expressed through her dedication to building this collection. The exhibition will showcase the works of the great masters of Arte Povera, such as Pistoletto, Zorio, Calzolari, Merz, Anselmo and Kounellis, together with artists such as Fontana, Rotella, Schifano, Manzoni, Festa and Schifano. Also included are works by American artists Twombly, Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein, Morris and Koons and an array of international photographers, such as Höfer, Sugimoto, Esser and the Bechers.