Beddington Fine Art welcome Delta N.A.’s RIVELAZIONI @MBeddington

CATM New York announces the induction of Delta N.A.’s inspirational sculpture, Rivelazioni, to the Sculpture Garden at Le Mas du Murier, Bargemon, Provence, France.

Walking the tightrope of impending perils and overcome by the stamina of destiny’s pull, Delta N.A. explores the difficulties in which we all face while pursuing allusive dreams. It is their strength’s density that forges bridges between the worlds of desire and achievement. The constant struggle between divine will and physical want are carefully displayed through their meticulous demonstration of relationships, both sensual and ethereal. It is with great articulation that Delta N.A. spin their silken tales of affection and collaboration, encouraging the oneness of our very existence. Their work is a respite from the frivolity of pretentious showmanship that has taken hold of the art world. While at times whimsical in nature, Delta N.A.’s nuance of covert seriousness is seldom lost. Far from the Armory and Frieze of the British Isles, their choice of the traditional South of France venue echoes a time of relevance. While the world flutters amongst the monarchs, Delta N.A. take root in a foundation of principle. It is with strong and confident strides that they establish a true discourse among their peers and public following alike.
When we look for creativity brought to a level of higher ground, we find the work of Delta N.A., unabashed and unchallenged.
With the great support and patronage of the City of Asti, artists duo Delta N.A. converge on Bergamon., France, joining other great artists in the sumptuous gardens of Le Mas du Murier. Accompanying Rivelazioni’s premiere will be a comprehensive review of Delta N.A.’s most recent paintings, including their breakthrough abstractions.
Vernissage | Monday, April 6, 2015 | 12:00-7:00 PM
Le Mas du Murier, D19, Route de Seillans
83830 Bargemon, Provence
Exhibit runs through June 2015