Missing Landscape

As part of the residency in Casa Tres Patios Medellin, Fani Zguro presents “Missing Landscape”, a screening looped with the partecipation of the other two artists Bruno Muzzolini and Anri Sala. Bruno Muzzolini in the video “Anema e Core” (2008) represents the nucleus of this exploration.
Missing Landscape
Set in a volcanic area of Iceland, the video features the volcanologist Gudmundur Eggertsson, against a desolate landscape of black rock and wind singing Anema e Core, an icon of the canzone napoletana which has always been one of the great passions of this energetic Northern character.
Anri Sala in the video “Missing Landscape” (2001) represents an action like the theatre convention where the actor moves from the kitchen to the waiting room through the trapdoor, even though there are no walls or visible boundaries between the rooms in the scene.
The actor considers the entrances to the different spaces. Each time the children enter the playground through the goals, considering a space in a space where there are no walls.
They are unconsciously cutting the playground off the world surrounded by the mountains.
They are playing the game and the play! Fani Zguro in the video “U Turn” represents a remake sports between the artist and the film’s sole protagonist sharing the same goddamned dialogue lines, even before Columbus’ arrival.
“U Turn” (2006) operates and recycles analogous stories and places.
The video tries all along to reach the fulcrum of history, that history continuosly repeating over the same interview or dialogue as in that fucking afternoon, always out there waiting for us.