euward 2010 (euward5)

euward is the european art award for painting and graphic arts by artists with a mental disability. It is the first, and so far the only, prize of international status to be awarded in this sphere of art. euward has been presented by the Augustinum Foundation (Munich) since 2000 and, with the support of the Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG and Sanitas Versicherungs- und Wirtschaftsdienst GmbH, will be presented for the fifth time in 2010. The patron is Emilia Müller, the Bavarian State Minister for European Affairs.
From about 500 applications from 24 european countries, the committee of trustees has shortlisted 26 artists from 9 countries. The jury will select the three award winners from the nominees on 12th June.

euwardThe members of the euward jury are available for questions and personal discussions:
Christian Berst (France)
Roger Cardinal (UK)
Marlene Dumas (Netherlands)
Leiko Ikemura (Switzerland)
Arnulf Rainer (Austria)

At the shortlist nomination in Munich in March, the euward committee expressed their delight at the superb quality of the submissions. The following were nominated for the euward:
Francesco Borrello, Sospiro (I), La Manica Lunga – officina Creativa
Markus Buchser, Basel (CH), Kreativwerkstatt Bürgerspital
Annemarie Delleg, St. Lorenzen (I), GRAIN Weiterbildung
Pascal Duquenne, Brüssel (B), CRÉAHM-Bruxelles
Daniel Fehér, Budaors (HU), Baltazár Színház Alapítvány
Curzio Di Giovanni, San Colombano (I), Atelier Adriano e Michele
Manfred Henke, Warburg (D), St. Laurentius-Heim
Peter Kapeller, Wien (A), Caritas Wien
Sybille Kautz, Sickte-Neuerkerode (D), Evang. Stiftung Neuerkerode
Achim Maaz, Bonn (D), LVR-HPH-Ost Bereich Bonn
Lukas Mal, Schnifis (A), ARTelier Sulz
Petra Materne, Berlin (D), MOSAIK-Werkstätten
Sabine Münch, München (D), atelier hpca
Andrea Obwaller, Alkoven (A), Institut Hartheim
Wolfgang Orend, Tettnang (D), Heim Pfingstweid e.V.
Pirrotta Gian Luca, Bastiglia (I), Atelier Manolibera
Andrea Rausch, Fredelsloh (D), Galerie ART CRU Berlin
Christian Rebhan, Attnang (A), Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich
Sigrid Reingruber, Gschwandi (A), Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich
Johanna Rohregger, Alberndorf (A), Atelier-Diakoniewerk
Andreas Skorupa, Frankfurt (D), Praunheimer Werkstätten
Jukka Suni, Parola (FI), Kettuki Art Centre
Ingo Tributsch, Egelsbach (D), Werkstätten Hainbachtal
Amalia Vandera, Thessaloniki (GR), Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki
Werner Voigt, Hamburg (D), Die Schlumper
Carlo Wertheimer, Luxembourg (LU), Cooperations Wiltz

The euward award will be presented in the Haus der Kunst, Munich, on November 18, 2010. The presentation will also officially launch the exhibition, where works by not only euward winners but all the other nominated artists will be on show until 9 January, 2011.