IDB Staff Association Art Gallery in Washington DC to unveil latest work by Guatemalan artist Jose Toledo Ordonez

WASHINGTON, April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Jose Toledo Ordonez is a sculptor, painter, film producer and promoter of art and literature. This multifaceted profile has enabled him to put on 19 one-man shows at such prestigious venues as the Jose Luis Cuevas museum and Diego Rivera – Anahuacalli museum in Mexico. He has also created nearly a dozen urban sculptures in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico.

The Guatemalan artist’s next destination will be the prestigious IDB Staff Association Art Gallery in Washington DC, where from next Monday through Friday, April 8th to 19th, he will be presenting his work “Esculturas Peligrosas (Dangerous Sculptures)”. Various materials such as metals, brass, bronze, sheets of stainless steel and even auto parts have given shape to this work that has by now been seen by tens of thousands of people, winning acclaim from art and culture critics.

“Art is also the man.  I express what I am through the three great passions of my life: cars, animals and art.  I transmit the love and respect I feel for the creation: the fauna, flora and man, as represented in the series “Bestiario, Bosque Urbano y Ciudades Utopicas (Bestiary, Urban Forest and Utopian Cities).”  God gave us the world to have as our dominion.  This means managing it, respecting it, conserving its resources.  My message goes against the destruction of nature, the degradation of human relations and the destruction of art itself associated with truth and human values,” Toledo Ordonez reflects.

“All of this we sum up today in one single proposition: Respect for Creation. This is not a manifesto, because manifestos have always been disqualifiers. This is a call to a new state of evolutionary consciousness, encompassing respect for God’s creation, the restoration of human relations and returning art to aesthetics.  It’s a simple but powerful solution,” he notes.

With these messages, Toledo Ordonez will present his creative proposal for the elements of contemporary art.  The exhibit “Esculturas Peligrosas” will be open to the general public from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm at this prestigious gallery, located at the 13th Street entrance at 1300 New York Avenue, in Washington DC.