Ana Tzarev Gallery Announces Latest Exhibition, New Works: Milijada Barada and Ana Tzarev

NEW YORK, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Ana Tzarev Gallery is proud to host a specially curated collection of works from renowned artists Milijada Barada and Ana Tzarev.

The subjects of Milijada Barada’s gestural but measured works seem to emerge from a fury of strokes. Her turbulent oceans, intimate portraits, and sweeping cityscapes possess a truly textural quality. On view for the first time are Barada’s paintings depicting the iconic Manhattan skyline as viewed from the East River, where city and water meet.

One can readily be lost in the visionary worlds created through her methodical yet rapid approach. Barada’s deep understanding of the interplay of color and light is what gives her artwork such gravitas: the collision of swirling, murky hues and flashes of brightness comprise a style that is singular and complete.

Ana Tzarev’s Life of Flowers showcases selections from her lifelong exploration of the natural world and its resonance across cultures. The watercolor pieces featured in Life of Flowers are intimate meditations on beauty, elegantly contrasting with her stark, kinetic oil works, inviting viewers to pause and appreciate the balance of delicateness and vivacity in both technique and subject. Tzarev’s oil paintings are perhaps most notable for her unique graduated relief technique created through the direct application of thick layers of paint, casting the lushness and body of their subjects in a new light—so rich in hue and tactility that they are not so much ‘seen’ as ‘felt.’

The exhibition’s centerpiece is Love, a monumental 15-foot fiberglass poppy presented as part of Tzarev’s global arts campaign, Love & Peace. One of several floral sculptures on display worldwide, Tzarev’s glossy poppies have drawn attention in locations as diverse as Venice, Prague, Shenzhen, and London. Tzarev’s campaign promotes the notion that the wordless language of beauty will open conversations between nations, fostering mutual appreciation and hope. Visitors to her sculptures can participate by submitting their photos to the official Love & Peace microsite,, where they can learn more about the Campaign and the launch of its mobile app, slated for release this summer.

This special exhibition will be on view at the Gallery through Summer 2013.