Two in One

Two in One
Carlo Borin and Kaitlin McDonough
29 April – 31 May, 2010

Two in One #1
“Two in One” is a project born from imagining the impressions and sensations that might result when the works of two different artists convene in a single space. Each month MOdenArte reserves an area inside its gallery for the presentation of such a combination, providing the possibility for Italian and international artists to juxtapose their artistic approaches to various themes. The pairings are developed by contrasting or similar poetics and heterogeneous aesthetics.

“Two in One” is a ModenArte project, curated by Matteo Efrem Rossi, with the collaboration of the cultural association “Eventi-Arte-Venezia”. The project’s aim is to create a series of exhibitions that gives young artists the possibility to encounter their works inside a professional and dynamic context.