Time for reflection: a journey through nature’s untouched beauty

Winter Evening
Winter Evening

Are you ready to embark on a breathtaking journey through the untouched beauty of nature? Look no further than the “Time for Reflection” exhibition by the acclaimed Norwegian photographer Trond Are Berge. Nestled in the heart of Norway, the exhibition is held at Sognefjellshytta, a stunning location situated 1,400 meters above sea level along the Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet – northern Europe’s highest mountain pass. With more than 50 awe-inspiring photographs, “Time for Reflection” encapsulates the splendour of nature under an infinite sky, enticing viewers to pause, contemplate, and absorb the ethereal beauty of the world around us. Trond Are Berge, an artist with an extraordinary eye for capturing the essence of frozen landscapes, presents his works with a unique approach. He artfully overlaps shots, seamlessly merging them together, resulting in captivating and cohesive images that beckon the soul.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Berge’s photography is his commitment to preserving the authenticity of nature. In an age where digital manipulation is prevalent, Berge refrains from relying on artificial tools like Photoshop, allowing his photographs to stand as genuine impressions of boundless and untainted wilderness.

In “Time for Reflection,” the exhibition’s theme highlights the significance of preserving endangered species, emphasizing the threat faced by the majestic reindeer. Climate change, diseases, and human encroachment on their habitats have put these magnificent creatures at risk of extinction. Trond Are’s photographic series titled “Endangered Species” serves as a poignant tribute to both the reindeer and our ancestors, symbolizing the delicate balance between nature and human progress.

Drawing inspiration from his vast experience as a professional mountain ranger, Trond Are Berge has dedicated his life to the protection and appreciation of Norway’s national parks and mountain areas. His intimate understanding of these pristine landscapes is evident in every photograph, each of which carries a message of respect for the environment and a plea for its preservation.

As you wander through the “Time for Reflection” exhibition, prepare to be captivated by the juxtaposition of the rugged Norwegian wilderness and the delicate intricacies of nature. Berge’s lens immortalizes the flames dancing on a rock and the enigmatic faces of women etched on wooden trunks from the dense forests of Norway. These compelling images serve as a reminder of the deep connection between humanity and the environment.

The “Time for Reflection” exhibition offers a powerful and emotive experience, challenging us to reflect on our impact on the natural world. Through Trond Are Berge’s lens, we are invited to rekindle our bond with nature, recognizing that its preservation lies in our hands. The exhibition runs until September 10, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a world where art and nature converge harmoniously.

Sognefjellsvegen 4974, Bøverdalen, Lom, Norway