The Interior and the Carpet Artist’s Carpets @PDCdesigncenter

Equator Production is pleased to announce The Interior and the Carpet, an exhibition of carpets produced by publisher, Petra Grunert Singh, Equator Production, New York, which includes works by 13 international artists: Alan Belcher, Walter Dahn, Jirí Georg Dokoupil, Liam Gillick, Ilya ed Emilia Kabakov, Joseph Kosuth, Ken Lum, Jonathan Monk, Peter Nagy, Julião Sarmento, Rob Scholte, Rosemarie Trockel, Heimo Zobernig. The exhibition is on view from March 22 – June 23 with a public reception on Wednesday, March 22 coinciding with Pacific Design Center’s annual design industry event, Westweek.

The Interior and the Carpet presents the primary roster of artists commissionated by Equator Production from 1985 to 2003: Walter Dahn, Jiri Georg Dokoupil, Peter Nagy, Rob Scholte, and Rosemarie Trockel, as well as a more recent carpet series (since 2014) with Alan Belcher, Liam Gillick, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Ken Lum, Jonathan Monk, Joel Otterson, Julião Sarmento and Heimo Zobernig. This recent series was curated by Cornelia Lauf for Equator Production, in a project managed by GoldenRuler, Rome A selection of carpets was exhibited recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland exhibition, Wall to Wall: Carpets by Artists, curated by Cornelia Lauf.

Equator Production collaborates with artists who incorporate their practice into the larger narrative of artistic historical relevance, blurring the domains of art, design, and cra”smanship. By commissioning carpet designs from contemporary international artists and orchestrating the execution and production of designs in limited editions by traditional weavers, Equator Production seeks to fuse both artistic processes, creating a long lost symbiosis between conception and production, while restoring the connection between the artist and the interior and the vital connection between conception and production.