Ric Carrasquillo

Small Press Spotlight on Ric Carrasquillo
Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco
March 10 – June 10, 2012

Ric Carrasquillo
Beginning on September 26, 2011, the Cartoon Art Museum’s ongoing Small Press Spotlight will feature the art of Ric Carrasquillo.

Ric Carrasquillo is a cartoonist, illustrator and animator living and working in San Francisco since 1998. After self-publishing Vim and The Heights, comics that delighted tens of people, he then went into hiding to hone his craft. Ric emerged some time later to debut Nuclear Missile Family and A Memory Game for CAM’s and SF Zinefest’s slideshow readings. He then produced [SIC] a web cartoon that celebrates his passion for mid-century design and modern architecture through an absurdist’s perspective.

Ric also produces work as part of the FiveTrueFans comics collective, an enigmatic and exclusive group of online cartoonists.