Year 12 Perspectives 2011

Art Gallery of Western Australia, Saturday 11 February – Monday 9 April 2012
The Year 12 Perspectives exhibition is here! Once again this popular annual event provides the platform to showcase selected works from students graduating from Year 12 Visual Arts. Year 12 Perspectives 2011 promises to deliver works of technical excellence and emotional complexity.
A judging panel compiled from representatives from the Education Department, the Curriculum Council of Western Australia, Catholic Education and the Art Gallery of WA have selected 55 varied works across a range of medium and subject matter. This year a general theme of relationships and connectivity appears to have evolved across the diverse selection.
Works depict relationships between self and the wider community, amongst family members and explore the relationship one has with one’s self. 51 artists challenge us to reflect, explore and understand the world in which they inhabit and provide us with an opportunity to connect to the experiences of the young people of Western Australia.
Stefano Carboni, Director of the Art Gallery of WA, commented, “With increased opportunities for regional students to submit work for selection this year, a wider array of ideas were explored and presented. Year 12 Perspectives has enduringly offered an exhibition that showcases the brightest and best of our young artists work, and this year is no exception.”
Year 12 Perspectives 2011 continues the creative legacy of the last 19 years when it opens to the public on Saturday 11 February.