AGWA and MoMA partnership

As part of the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s Great Collections of the World series, AGWA and MoMA will present six world-class exhibitions over three years from June 2012, through a newly formed partnership series.
The series will be an exclusive for Perth and is made possible by additional government funding as well as Eventscorp’s ongoing funding of the Great Collections series.
Pablo Picasso
Glenn D. Lowry, Director of MoMA said, “The Museum of Modern Art is thrilled to be entering into this partnership with the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Our two institutions have a long history of mutual interests, and we welcome the opportunity to share highlights of our collection with audiences in Perth.”
It’s a sentiment shared by Stefano Carboni, Director of AGWA, “MoMA is one of the most highly respected and progressive art museums in the world. Beginning with the innovative European artists of the 1880s, the MoMA collection contains an unparalleled selection of major artists and movements to this day.
“The opportunity to bring such high-calibre exhibitions to Perth, and Australia, was one we could not pass up. It will add incredible depth to WA’s cultural offering over the next three years.”
The exciting partnership, which is a significant coup for the Gallery and for Western Australia, will launch its first, large-scale exhibition on 16 June 2012 entitled Picasso to Warhol: Twelve Modern Masters. The launch exhibition will feature over 100 modern art masterpieces by 12 of the most iconic artists of the 20th century.
Ranging from Picasso to Warhol, as suggested by the title, the exhibition will also include celebrated works by Henri Matisse, Constantin Brancusi, Piet Mondrian, Fernand Léger, Marcel Duchamp, Giorgio De Chirico, Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, Jasper Johns and Jackson Pollock.
“The launch exhibition will provide visitors with a wonderful opportunity to experience works by the world’s great modern artists, each represented by some of their best and most distinctive pieces. It’s an excellent introduction to the six-exhibition series,” said Stefano Carboni.
The five following exhibitions will draw from MoMA’s extensive collection and showcase a significant selection of works from each of MoMA’s curatorial departments including design and photography.
Each exhibition will differ both thematically and by medium, providing a highly varied series that will engage audiences time and again. There will be a mix of traditional ‘blockbuster’-type survey exhibitions, as well as more specific shows which will explore a singular idea or medium that has significantly impacted on the development of modern art.
Stefano Carboni finished by saying, “Continuing on from the success of Peggy Guggenheim: A Collection in Venice and the much anticipated upcoming Princely Treasures: European Masterpieces 1600 – 1800 from the Victoria and Albert Museum, we have no doubt that the MoMA – AGWA collaboration will deliver ongoing success for the Gallery and delight everyone who visits the exhibitions.”