CURATE THIS! 2010 is going global!

CURATE THIS! 2010, the second installment of the CURATE THIS! exhibition series created by BECA: Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art, is evolving from a one city-wide event location into a global arts + cultural exchange event involving multiple venues located in multiple cities around the world. The global art + design exhibition will take place from July 1 – December 31, 2010.


Through the exhibition of works of art + design by emerging artists, designers, duos, groups and collectives around the world, The BECA Foundation aims to facilitate an experimental, cross-pollination of creative innovation and new ideas in diverse locations around the world. The title, ‘CURATE THIS!’ reflects a departure from the familiar large scale exhibition model, typically curated by a singular vision with one head curator, to an exhibition with components and related events ‘curated’ by the public and professional and independent participants residing in multiple cities around the world. The first ‘CURATE THIS!’ experiment took place in early 2008 and led artists and directors, Melissa Roberts and Kurt Schlough to begin brainstorming the expansion of the experiment to bring about greater benefits to a larger number of participants.

BECA is an acronym for Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art and the core belief system at The BECA Foundation is that “New art + new design fuels the best of what’s yet to come on this planet.” To help mix that fuel and kick start new possibilities, the expansion of the CURATE THIS! exhibition project will facilitate a broader exposure of new art, new design and new ideas through both a physical and online network of participating venues in multiple cities around the world. The aim of building the network is to create international arts + cultural exchange opportunities, broaden arts education opportunities and appreciation for emerging contemporary art + design, facilitate introductions and lay the foundation for future collaborations toward the realization of a progressive, meaningful and fulfilling future for everyone. Global online content delivery of exhibition events and related special projects will enable global participation by millions around the world. The BECA Foundation is pleased to welcome the participation of Helen Pheby, PhD, Curator of Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK whose research and curatorial work spans the globe including the US and Iraq and Ellen Lupton, legendary design educator and Curator of Contemporary Design at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Each has a unique insight which will add further depth and diversity to new CURATE THIS! 2010 exhibition components.

Upcoming participating venues in Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Denver, Los Angeles, Santa Fe and London have been the first locations to sign on. Venue participation proposals have also been submitted by exclusively online communities. Artists, designers, independent and established curators, gallery and art space directors as well as lease-holders and owners of other event and non-traditional exhibition spaces may email Melissa Roberts at for venue participation information. The BECA Foundation is building a global network to achieve a positive impact on the future of the residents of cities around the world. The formerly unimaginable, previously impossible and the creative ideas and proposals that may run counter to the current status quo are most welcome.

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