In Search of Meaningful Food

(galleria +) oltredimore presents In Search of Meaningful Food, a research project by Francesca Zampollo, supported by Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. In Search of Meaningful Food is a reflection on the meanings attributed to food products, and therefore, on the personal, and impossible to foresee, relationship between people and food products during and after consumption. Food products are designed with a specific function, and to elicit certain emotions. But, what happens really when people buy and use these products? A range of uses and contexts are applied to the food product and many unpredictable meanings are applied to it, creating emotional memories that often follow people throughout their life. In Search of Meaningful Food is about those memories and those meanings, showcasing the connection or discrepancies between design intentions, and how food products are actually lived.
Through an international open call, Francesca Zampollo is collecting videos by people who want to share their own personal meaningful foods. An overall video made of all individual contributions will be shown throughout the gallery opening hours.