Cheong Soo Pieng at National Art Gallery (Singapore)

Cheong Soo Pieng: Bridging Worlds
National Art Gallery
15 September- 26 December 2010

Do you know that leading artist Cheong Soo Pieng’s “Drying Salted Fish” painting is featured on the back of Singapore’s Portrait Series $50 note? One of the most prominent names in the Singapore art scene, Cheong Soo Pieng is best known for contributing towards the Nanyang style of art. In Cheong Soo Pieng: Bridging Worlds, visitors can relive the process of art making from Soo Pieng’s eyes for the first time. They can also view contemporary artworks created by upcoming artists Chua Kaifang, Michael Lee, and art collective Vertical Submarine that are inspired by Soo Pieng.