Xavier and Antonio BUENO

The identity and diversity of two artistic brothers
Antonio Bueno Portrait of a lady with pipe


From 3 July – 17 August 2008, an exhibition dedicated to the two brothers, Xavier e Antonio Bueno, “XAVIER e ANTONIO BUENO Identità e diversità di due fratelli pittori” will take place at the Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea in Arezzo. The exhibition, which is promoted by the town council of Arezzo, is curated by Giovanni Faccenda and organized by the architectural studio, Alessandro Luzzi Workshop.

75 works will be on view, from well known masterpieces, to important lesser known works and recent findings. It is an opportunity to re-look at the two brothers’ respective creative paths, who as protagonists of the 20th century have marked the history of art of this period. It will be a stimulating comparison between Xavier -who openly looked at the anxieties buried in the deep intimacy of human beings – and Antonio – who by comparison, consciously dissimulated or hid aspects in his art work, at times with tasteful irony.

The words of de Chirico, in “Memories of my Life” (published in Italy by Astrolabio, Rome, 1945) are important “the few talented painters who I have met in my life are, in order of time, Kandinsky, Picasso, Derain, De Pisis, Annigoni and the brothers Xavier e Antonio Bueno.”

The works in the exhibition come from various private collections all over Italy and include a recent discovery, the “Portrait of Charles Blanc” (1937, oil on canvas, 100x80cm) by Xavier Bueno. Another work from a private Florentine collection, the famous “Portrait of a Lady with pipe” (1959, oil on canvas, 80x40cm) by Antonio Bueno, will also be on view.

The opening of the exhibition will take place at 18.30 on Thursday 3 July at Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea in piazza San Francesco 4, in Arezzo. The catalogue, edited by Giovanni Faccenda will be on sale in the gallery’s bookshop (cost €35).

Opening hours: From Monday-Friday 10am/1pm – 3pm-7pm, weekends and holidays 10:00/7pm (open all day)
Entrance fee: 5 Euro (reductions: 3 Euro)