World Class Art Collection at Grove at Grand Bay Features Work by Important Contemporary Artists

Pae White, Untitled, 2016

Public art adds value to real estate projects and gives artists opportunities to attract new audiences. Terra’s Grove at Grand Bay in Coconut Grove has a stellar selection of contemporary artworks chosen to enliven the buildings’ public spaces and to embellish the architectural design of the two towers.

Terra has brought together a top-notch team including architect Bjarke Ingels, landscape architect Raymond Jungles, and art consultant Lisa Austin to create a luxurious space for residents to enjoy natural and artistic beauty. The two towers feature important contemporary artworks throughout, including sculptures by Pedro Reyes and Alice Aycock, a site-specific neon installation by Cerith Wyn Evans, a glass and mirrored wall sculpture by Olafur Eliasson, and drawings by Tara Donovan. The collection, valued at more than $1.2 million, enriches the daily lives of residents and visitors to Grove at Grand Bay while also supporting artists and reflecting Miami’s deep commitment to art.

Terra also commissioned works by artists Jim Drain and Pae White. Drain’s vibrant 19.5 x 45.5 foot painted mural features his signature bold color palette and whimsical graphics for the South Tower’s two-story Sunken Garden. White’s tromp-l’oeil cotton and polyester tapestry, from her Metafoil series, seems like a giant piece of folded metal until a close-up inspection reveals it to be two-dimensional. The larger-than-life 8 x 18-foot piece offers a new perspective on the centuries old practice of loom weaving. The textile hangs in the main entry at the South Tower.

Alice Aycock’s sculpture Super Twister II combines the architectural and the natural, by evoking cyclones and tornadoes, crafted by twisting and twirling forms in painted brass aluminum plates, much like the design of Grove at Grand Bay. Beginning as a series of diagrams of these natural phenomena, Aycock inputs her designs digitally to randomize and complicate their order. She then analyzes what intersections are physically possible before welding the plates into their frenzied form.

Your Forever Young Sunrise by Olafur Eliasson is composed of 31 crystal glass spheres in an infinity loop formation. Through a hand- silvering process, each sphere is coated with a mirroring finish that distorts the reflection of the space and the viewer. The spheres transition between transparent and painted black as they progress to the center of the sculpture, leaving only a tiny mirrored aperture in the middle and creating an optical illusion.

Conceptual Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans
 has contributed neon text wall sculptures for both the North and South Towers. The original, oversized text wraps around the buildings walls so viewers need to physically move their bodies around the space to read the entire poem. In the North Tower, Evans’ piece reads, “Would I like to share something sweet? Sure why not? Some standard and not so standard conversation. A moment of distraction then quite suddenly the entire world is reflected in your eyes… clearly.”

The collection also includes work by
 Geo McFetridge, exterior sculptures by Nathan Mabry and Korean artist Gimhongsok, benches by Jeppe Hein, and a video work by Miami artist Antonia Wright.