Dark Cities: Paris @MIA_Fair

When we go into a dark place from a bright one we live a kind of disorientation, our eyes struggle for the first minutes to get used to the dark. With every passing minute, slowly, thanks to the residual light that filters under a door, or maybe from a street lamp far away, reality begins to take a different shape. The dim light rests on the surrounding structures by drawing a game of achromatic surfaces, painting more or less intense shades of dark gray that almost reach the black.

As happens in a pinhole camera where a tiny light beam paints the picture on the negative, images of “Dark Cities” come to the eye of the viewer slowly, as if he were in a dark room: a vision that go over the real, straight to the soul, conveying empathy feelings I felt about places that I went through. This is the key to enter into the “Dark Cities”. Enter in the universe of light, or, in this case, of its absence, both from the point of view of the shooting and its reproduction, in a delicate game of shadows and darkness that leads us to discover common and uncommon places in a vision far from usual.

In my night travel accross the major European capitals, in which humanity is almost absent, there is silence, loneliness of a man immersed far away in the dark. A man apart, hidden, which observe evolution of humanity. Light and darkness are the two opposite sides of my narrative project on urban landscapes. Opposite and complementary, indispensable to each other as black to white, night to day. This first trip in the dark urban starts from Paris, the City of Lights. Which better place to start capture the dark side?

BIO Daniele Cametti Aspri
Daniele Cametti Aspri was born in Rome in 1968. In 1989, at age 19, he founded the film magazine Professional Acting News, which runs today on the web and is a reference point for information on the film in Italy. Given the technical and creative inclination, in 2000 he founded a company that supports authoring of journalism and still creates DVD and Blu-ray for the major home video distribution. Always a great lover of communication, sound and image is photographic film that in 2003 he approaches photography with the birth of his son, and began attending workshops and courses at the facility Photo Workshops in Rome. Since then he has never stopped.