CAMMOVIE_Videoart Platform

CAMMOVIE_Videoart Platform
30 April – 30 May 2011

CAM, Casoria contemporary art museum, continues operating through incisive events related to research and experimentation presenting CAMMOVIE_Videoart Platform, curated by Antonio Manfredi, from April the 30th, at 6.30, till May the 30th. This event – now its second edition – is a multimedia container of worldwide video art offering the opportunity to confront to the plenty of information of virtual world through the digital media. CAMMOVIE will host also this year four sessions and one performance: FOCUS REVOLUTION, TOXIC, GLANCES_AROUND DUMP, MAGMART and the art action by Fake institution REFF. Confirming to adhere to an idea of art/news, the session FOCUS REVOLUTION registers the last political events and exhibits, along with the video of the Egyptian artist Mohamed Alaa, the visual documentation of the Egyptian insurrections leading to the fall of the regime and recording the revolutionary movements, which self-determination shook and is still overturning many dictatorships in Northern Africa. The voice of Sandro Joyeux will be the soundtrack with African songs and musicality. A wave of happiness and colour bringing back to the origin of a population now fighting for its rights. The session TOXIC is a door open on the Eastern video art world and its prolific production, compared to the results taken by the internet, through the dramatic images of the nuclear disaster in Japan. The artistic poetics is compared to the desperation of a population: the videos of the Japanese artists are used as visual transposition of the human ambivalence, able to spiritual elevation or superficiality and civil lack of conscience. During the opening night the contrasting images will be soundtracked by the electronic sounds by Avant-Garde. The music will follow the shapes moving on the screen in order to obtain an oneiric and estrangement effect. Then, in the session GLANCES_AROUND DUMP CAMMOVIE moves from the international view to analyze the local context of the green areas of the metropolitan Park on the hills of Naples. This area, even though keeping a naturalistic appearance and the quality of a blooming area, green lung of the city, has been chosen as site for the dumping of Chiaiano. The sequence of images of the high walls tuffaceous of the cave, out of which the dump will be realized, in the snapshots of the photographer Camillo Ripaldi, provide lightness to the representation of the place and melt its implied deadly miasma, almost becoming a goodbye to a the last natural enchantment. In the last session the museum of Casoria confirms, for the sixth consecutive year, its partnership to the MAGMART_video under volcano festival. After a careful selection from more than 450 videos sent by 45 different countries, la jury made up by Abir Boukhari (curator | AllArtNow), Agata Chiusano (artist, professor | University Suor Orsola Benincasa), Giuseppe De Marco (artist | Mediavox), Luca Magnoni (journalist, expert in communication and multimedia | Hydrogen Lab), Antonio Manfredi (artist, curator | Artistic Director of CAM), Enrico Tomaselli (artist, curator | Artistic Director of the Festival), proclaims the 30 winning videos becoming part of the permanent collection of CAM and exhibited on occasion of CAMMOVIE.

The CAMMOVIE format, ideated by CAM, could not get out of inquiring the new virtual languages with the performance by Fake institution REFF, a fake institution made up by Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi, showing the new possibilities of the enlarged reality. Through the ironical and provocative distribution of a virtual drug, REFF uses the “QR code” and the “fiducial marker” to stress the contemporary trend of internet and the virtual to move from an intangible world to the real one. Interactivity and discovery are at the basis of the artistic action presented at the Casoria museum and proposing new languages and fresh genres of art.