Battle of the Sexes at Delaware Art Museum (Wilmington)

Battle of the Sexes
Delaware Art Museum
March 5, 2011 – May 22, 2011

K Hoffman
The Delaware Art Museum is excited to present Battle of the Sexes, a unique participatory exhibition that tests gender preconceptions about art, on view March 5, 2011 – May 22, 2011. Organized by The Philadelphia Women’s Caucus for Art, this exhibition is part of the Museum’s Outlooks Exhibition Series, which aims to encourage community involvement in the creation and exhibition of art.

Battle of the Sexes presents 13 works by women artists who have each invited a male artist to exhibit with her, creating two gender halves mixed within the exhibition. Artists’ first names will not appear on labels identifying the works. Ballots are available for visitors to vote on whether each work was created by a female or male artist. On May 7th, results will be tallied and posted at, along with the names and genders of the artists. Results will also be published on the Philadelphia-WCA blog, and emailed to voters who provide an e-mail address on their ballots.

Although society has moved beyond gender stereotypes, assumptions about what is feminine and what is masculine do persist in our collective consciousness. In accord with the Women’s Caucus for Art’s mission to create community through art, education, and social activism, Battle of the Sexes encourages Museum visitors to examine their own ideas and talk with other viewers about forming opinions of a work of art in the absence of an identifying label.

Battle of the Sexes features the following pairs of artists:

* C. Back & B. Tobia
* E. Bonett & F. Kane
* P.R. Burgoyne & M.H. Elcin
* C. Carter & N.P. Dul
* K. Hoffman & M.H. Pachnowski
* T. Kline & D. McCarthy
* B. MacAllister & V. Thompson
* J. Craven & A.D. Murray
* R. Holcomb & D. Riukas
* V. Maksymonicz & E. Russell
* M. Wilson & R. Wuilfe
* A. Altergott & K. Mitchell
* D. Knox & M. Knox