BAGL SPRINGtime 2011 (Berlin)

Spring is coming and the preparations for BAGL SPRINGtime 2011 in Berlin (from April 29 to May 3) move into final phase.
Apart from interesting events there will be many exciting works of art to be discovered by the public – and this in a top location with large bright exhibition rooms:
Spandauerstraße 2, 10178 Berlin (S-Bahn station Hackescher Markt).
Kareem Ralph Amin
The entirely new art concept behind each BAGL-exhibition has proven itself with great success: to present a maximum variety of contemporary art, self-taught and gallery-free artists meet at same eye-level with master students of renown

In addition to the versatility the organisation team of the innovative exhibition in Berlin has as well taken into account, that visitors frequently want to understand the ideas and concepts behind an artwork which they are just watching. Therefore as another innovation there will be an additional audio tour available, providing explanatory background information on many exhibited works directly from the respective artist.

The organisers are very proud that aside of many Berlin located artists also numerous artists from Germany and all over the world have applied for this exhibition. Thus it is possible to present at BAGL SPRINGtime 2011 in Berlin a wide range of contemporary and modern art from USA, Mexiko, Indonesia, Albania, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Holland, Austria and Germany.

Here is the „Artistline“ presenting the participants in BAGL SPRINGtime 2011:
Aziza Alaoui (Mexiko) – Alo (Spanien) – Kareem Ralph Amin (USA) – Oscar Mauricio Ardila Luna – Aura Ling – Ted Behrens – Berggorilla – Bishara – Sina Brettnacher – Manfred Böhm – Thomas Bröse – Hermann Brudke – Dominique Brunzlik – Jose Callado (Spanien) – Coconing – Silvana Czech – e.roth01Lichtkünstler – Andrea Finck (bap) – Sandra Gardlo – Simone Jary – Simone Kehl – Silke Kröger – Amiran Kuprava – Alexander `Woyata´ MacKeben – Traute Macom (Österreich) – Mais (Holland) – Sibylle Mertsch – Petra Meyer – Liana Nakashidze – Pashk Pervathi (Albanien) – Purwanto SPA (Indonesien) – Meridianna Reborn (Papercut) (Griechenland) – Elzbieta della Rovere – Ole Scherrer – Benno Schilke (bap) – Anja Schneider
– Effie Skilitsi (Papercut) (Griechenland) – Jennifer Spruß – Julia Striegel – Evgeni Tskhadaia (Dänemark) – Bujar Zajmi (Albanien) – Jeni Zari